What Do Parents Really Want When Buying A Child’s Toy?

When parents buy their children toys what are they really looking for? Is it purely price of their children’s consistent request for a toy that makes the final decision or is it something more measured that that?

For some parents buying a toy can be the price of peace and quiet. When kids become rowdy or demanding purchasing a toy can seem like a quick solution. This is an understandable, though short term approach.

When kids are caught up in peer and media culture they can be driven to take interest in passing trends. Purchasing toys based on these passing trends is also a short term fix and generally occupies a child’s interest kids for a few weeks at most.

Longer term toys are what really make a wise investment for parents. These toys engage and challenge kids so that they are constantly drawn back to the toy, approaching it in different was depending on their age.

Role playing toys are a prime example of this.

Role playing toys are those where the child adopts a persona other than their own and acts out characteristics they have observed or can imagine that character having.

Role playing toys can include obvious examples such as dress ups and costumes where a child adorns clothing styled in the manner of a character, fantasy or real life. Dress up costumes come in all styles and can be as standard as a policeman’s uniform or as wild as a superhero’s costume. Once they are dressed as someone else kids start behaving differently and are able to interact with others in this persona which can teach them much about themselves and the world.

Role playing toys can also come in the form of playsets and action figures, especially those not based on a preconceived movie or television plot. When kids play with these figures they are also imparting a bit of themselves in each figure while still adopting a fantasy persona.

Toys like this allow kids to approach them differently at various stages in their lives and ensure their longevity over time, surely a wise investment.

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