Toddlers Thrush – A Toddler With Thrush is Not a Happy Toddler!

Toddlers with thrush are not happy toddlers! If your toddler has those tell-tale white patches of yeast overgrowth on the tongue, inside the cheeks and/or on the gums, then you know your child has thrush. Without the right approach, toddler’s thrush can be tricky to treat, as the yeast cells are quite adaptable and resilient.

Toddlers’ thrush has become increasingly more common for many reasons, two of the most important being use of antibiotics combined with excessive sugar (even fruit juice) and refined carbohydrates in the diet.

If your toddler has been prescribed antibiotics even one time, or even if he or she was exposed to antibiotics during labor and delivery, then your child’s natural yeast defenses were practically wiped out. This means that your child is at increased risk not only for thrush, but other infections as well – such as colds and flus, ear infections and even bacterial blood infections, which are quite rare but can be fatal.

If you take your toddler to the pediatrician, they’ll probably suggest you treat your toddler’s thrush with a prescription anti-fungal such as Diflucan or Nystatin.

However, Diflucan and other common anti-fungals carry the risks of serious side effects (even seizures and liver failure.) Personally, I would only use them in the case of a true medical emergency.

While Nystatin is not as toxic, it does carry the risk of causing the yeast to mutate into a more difficult-to-treat form. Nystatin is also not effective for many cases of thrush, as they yeast cells are often resistant to it. Another problem with Nystatin is that it is mixed with sugar to make it palatable enough to use for toddler’s thrush, but yeast loves sugar! Some moms find the thrush gets even worse with the use of Nystatin.

With over 15 years of experience in the natural health industry, I’ve found that – by far – the best way to treat toddlers’ thrush is with a simply, natural and holistic approach that not only gets rid of the yeast quickly and permanently, but also cures the underlying imbalance that allowed the yeast to grow out of control in the first place.

This also means your child will enjoy better health including increased immunity and decreased risk for allergies and asthma.

Rebecca Haworth is a professional health writer with more than 15 years experience in the alternative health industry. Her best selling book, “The 3-Day Thrush Cure” is specifically designed to help breastfeeding mothers and babies suffering from thrush to overcome this problem quickly and naturally, without an expensive trip to the doctor! Visit to download your copy right now.

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