Toddler Crafts – What to Make

Children, especially toddlers are very curious about things around them. They wish to explore everything and learn how things work and if they can, make their own. They are also well known to be highly imaginative and very creative; they can perceive thoughts and pictures just by looking at a shape.

Toddlers are new to the idea of shapes; these make the most useful item in Toddler Crafts. One can give a toddler a shape and ask them what objects they know have the same shape. At this age, it is perfectly fine to have their hands dirty with paint or color or glue and glitter. This is what makes activities most interesting to them – the idea that they are able to touch things and be able to make new things from scratch.

A good idea for Toddler Crafts is to have fun with shapes. Though usually, playing and stringing macaroni is a great activity for them, having new ideas would also come greatly appreciated.

A simple idea for kids this age is to be able to make a face using various shapes. Coordination with drawing is not perfect for this age which is why pre-cut shapes come handy for them. By giving them a few pieces of various shapes cut from colored paper and ask them to create something by combining the shapes can be a marvelous project. Some would find that some toddlers will make distinguishable results such as a face, a house or a plant. Others may make theirs a bit more abstract; however, when they are asked what the shapes were made in to, they can be able to explain it with great detail.

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