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Adopting Appropriate Industry Safety Measures

If you own a company that demands immense contribution of workforce, giving due attention to industrial safety measures has to be your priority. Small and big industries make use of advanced industrial equipments that need utmost care for their functioning and at the same time also require the workers to abide by some specific regulations so as to keep them safe from getting affected by these machines. Here are mentioned few important industrial safety tips that could help you keep your employees safe and secure from getting injured by industrial equipments and hence would open the doorway to thriving success for your business.

Protecting eyes

Eyes comprise of an inseparable body part and owing to their delicacy, they need utmost care, especially while doing some industrial work that involves high end machines.

At times, harmful chemicals may damage the eyes of the workers while doing executing some task in product manufacturing lab. During welding works as well, a little bit of carelessness could result into grave consequences. To avoid such blunders, make sure that you have enough safety eyeglasses and goggles.

Safety for face & head

Durable headgears, metal caps and shields should necessarily be there in your factory so as to protect your workers from getting injured by heavy machines. These industrial equipments are pretty bulky and fitted at various places, sometimes on the wall or even on the rooftop. If accidentally, any of their nuts or bolts get loosened, they are likely to fall from above thereby injuring the people around. Hence taking stiff measures to safeguard the workers from such industrial products is of high importance. Industrial safety measures such as Helmets with unbreakable visors or search lights attached with caps to guide the laborers on their way through a tunnel in a factory should be provided at the earnest.

Safeguarding the entire body

Whether it is your products making laboratory or a big factory, well equipped with high end machines, all these places need high grade industrial safety steps to avoid any sort of unfortunate happening that might affect the well being of workers. Protecting eyes, face and head no doubt should be on high priority in this regard, but equally important is to take care of the employees from head to toe as far as their safety is concerned. Proper arrangements for special costumes that the workers could wear while on work should be made. In addition, coveralls, elastic waist pants, lab coats, boot cover, safety aprons, safety back supports are among the other essential things that you should have at your work place in abundance.

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Steel Pipe Industry has shown robust growth with strong demand from domestic and export market

Steel pipes
 The steel pipelines are used for cost effective transportation of oil and gas. The domestic pipeline industry has shown robust growth led by huge investment in oil, gas and water supply in India and strong demand in Middle East and the US. ( http://www.bharatbook.com/detail.asp?id=149825&rt=Steel-pipes.html )
 With the requisite quality approval, established track record and expectation of favourable demand growth in domestic and export market over the long term, It expects the Indian steel pipes industry to grow at a compounded rate of 8-9 per cent in the long term.
 Market size and structure
 The steel pipe industry has shown robust growth on account of strong demand from domestic and export market. The domestic pipe industry at 1.53 million tonnes is valued at Rs 92.1 billion in 2008-09. Oil and gas along with water supply and sanitation constitute for significant portion of the total steel pipe demand.
 Apart from domestic demand, pipe players are increasingly supplying to the global market. The export market has surpassed the domestic market size for steel pipes and is estimated at around 1.95 million tonne and is valued at Rs 116.9 billion in 2008-09.
 The industry is fairly consolidated with major 5 players accounting to more than 80 per cent of the total capacity.
 Future growth
 After slowdown in 2008-09, the domestic pipe industry is expected to witness strong growth due to huge investments in oil and gas in India.

The government thrust on water supply and irrigation is also expected to contribute to the domestic demand.
 The demand from oil and gas segment is expected to grow by CAGR of 9-10 over the next 5 years driving the overall demand in India to grow at a CAGR of 8-9 per cent.
 With an established track record, proximity to key markets like the Middle East and rising international client accreditations, the industry is increasing its presence in global market. It expects exports to grow at compounded rate of 8-9 per cent over the next 5 years. The export opportunity could be further propelled by the expected emergence of replacement demand from the US and Russia.
 Led by domestic and export growth, domestic production of steel pipes is expected to exhibit robust growth of 8-9 per cent (CAGR) from 2008-09 to 2013-14.
 For more information kindly visit : http://www.bharatbook.com/detail.asp?id=149825&rt=Steel-pipes.html
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