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Q&A: Where can I find someone to adopt my baby?

Question by Dealio: Where can I find someone to adopt my baby?
I’m 32 weeks pregnant with a girl and I don’t think I can afford to raise this baby. Where can I get information on adoption and where do I go to place my baby up for adoption when it’s born?

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Answer by Mustard on Ketchup NOMNOM

or you can list it on craigslist….

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check out these adoption agencies girl products

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Omega-3 baby brain food ads pulled in UK

Magazine adverts for follow-on formula containing prebiotic and omega-3s are in hot water in the UK due to making brain health claims unauthorised by the European Union Nutrition and Health Claims Regulation (NHCR).

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) admonished the UK firm, HiPP Organic, that its ads must be changed due to omega-3-infant development claims not being adopted into EU law even though they had won positive opinions from the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

Given no such claim was authorised in the UK when the NHCR became active on January 19, 2007, it could not therefore gain transitional status until any EFSA opinion became EU law.

Moreover, the ASA found the EFSA opinion HiPP Organic referenced, along with other supportive data, was for formulations that were sufficiently different to HiPP’s own, and therefore not directly supportive.

“We therefore concluded that the ad was misleading,” it wrote in its judgement.

In its defence, HiPP submitted a summary of omega-3 claims that had been assessed by EFSA and a list of claims in the area being used in other countries.

They noted omega-3 form ALA (alpha linoleic acid) was an essential nutrient for all age groups, including infants.

HiPP stated that its claim related solely to the role of ALA in normal and healthy development of the brain and nervous system tissues and not specifically to mental performance.

However, the ASA said the evidence was not strong enough for the baby age group the ad targeted and that the dosage was not proven to be sufficient to deliver the stated benefit.

It was discovered though that HiPP’s advertisement did not imply the product was equivalent to breast milk, and therefore not in breach of infant formula rules despite stating: “We’ve learnt from the breast.”

It contained the disclaimer saying: “…Breastfeeding is best for babies.

HiPP Organic Follow on milks are intended for use after 6 months of age as part of a mixed diet and should not be used as a breastmilk substitute before this age. Use on the advice of a healthcare professional …”

HiPP’s ad in part stated: “Essential Omega 3 fatty acids … for healthy brain and nervous system development.”

In addition, the “unique mix of prebiotic oligosaccharides” supported, “the growth of good bacteria in your baby’s tummy and promote comfortable digestion.”


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Corolle Calin Baby Dolls – A Mother’s Choice

Looking for a baby doll for your infant or toddler? Want this doll to give your child years of fun while giving you the knowledge it is well make and safe?

Look no further that the Corolle Baby Doll collection. With age ranges from newborn on up you will find the perfect doll collection that will grow with your child. Whether it be bath time fun, potty training or just good old fashion roll playing Corolle dolls have a doll to suit your needs.

Corolle “Calin” Baby Dolls measure 12-inches in length for toddler’s 18-months and up. These dolls fit perfectly into your their little mother’s arms. Calin Baby Dolls are available in over a dozen themes and ethnic groups so you are sure to find the perfect doll for your child. Calin’s body has a pleasing vanilla scent and is machine washable in a warm-gentle cycle.

Corolle dolls meet or exceed all mandatory and voluntary U.S.

safety standards. Their eyes are securely attached, parts have sturdy stitching and dolls with hair have carefully rooted strands to allow your child years of frequent and safe styling and brushing.

A good example of the Calin Baby doll is the Asian themed Calin Yang. She has a pink and white striped bow in her dark hair and is dressed in a removable pink pajama set. Her sleepy eyes close when laid down to sleep and her soft body allows your toddler to pose Calin Yang just like a real baby.

Hopefully your toddler is not into “take the close off and leave it naked,” because Corolle has a ton of colorful and exciting fashion outfits available. The Corolle Mon Premier Fashion Collection was designed to fit all of Corolle’s 12-inch dolls and includes jogging sets, coats, underwear and much more.

Give your little mommy to-be a chance to really become Calin’s mommy! The Corolle Mon Premier Accessory Collection allows your child to extend their imagination with high chairs, swings, mealtime sets and many more accessories. There is no limit to the hours of role playing fun that you and your child will experience.

Corolle has been producing quality baby dolls for over 30 years and has won more than 30 awards world wide for superior design and roll-playing excellence, including two DOTY awards (Doll of the Year). There is a Corolle doll for every age range range, making it possible for your child to “Grow with Corolle.”

About the author: Sally McDonnell writes about Corolle Baby Dolls for Bill Bam’s Collectibles. To buy Corolle Calin Baby Dolls or to see more Corolle Baby Dolls just click on one of the links.

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What Will My Baby Look Like?

What will my baby look like is an advanced software that helps people get an idea and image of what their future offspring might look like. This is no fun activity in morphing two images to create a combined image. The software uses scientific methodology that is used by law enforcement agencies worldwide.

What will my baby look like? This is a question that crosses the minds of many young people, either out of curiosity or if they are seriously contemplating having a baby. In some cases, an expecting mother might want to know this so that she can feel closer to her fetus or put a face to her baby. Whatever may be your reason, it is now possible to find out.

There are some websites online that use advance technology called the DNA simulation process to help people get answers along with images of what their future offspring with another person might look at.

How does this what will my baby look like software work? It takes two to make a baby and by analyzing the genetic structure from the photos of the two persons concerned, the software is able to extrapolate and build an image of what their babies would look like.

Amazing, isn’t it? What will my baby look like software does not rely on outdated morphing techniques that were popular earlier. This program is run on similar lines to the advanced software sued by the FBI and other law enforcement agencies in finding out what a person may look like now by using a photo from ten years back and accounting for factors such as age, health, diseases and injuries. Everything is done in a systematic and scientific manner.

So if you have ever asked yourself this question then the answer is now within easy reach by using the internet. All you have to do is find a reliable site that offers what will my baby look like services, ensure that they use the DNA simulation process rather than the outdated image manipulation technique and then upload photos of you and your partner to get results.

what will you baby look like websites can be used by anyone as long as they upload photos of themselves and the other person they plan to make babies with. It can also be done just for fun by finding out what your baby with your favorite celebrity looks like. So whether you are looking to find the answers just for fun or are genuinely interested in knowing how your baby would look so you can put an image to him or her then using this software is a great way to find out. Go online and search for sites to get started.

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