Q&A: Where can I find someone to adopt my baby?

Question by Dealio: Where can I find someone to adopt my baby?
I’m 32 weeks pregnant with a girl and I don’t think I can afford to raise this baby. Where can I get information on adoption and where do I go to place my baby up for adoption when it’s born?

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Answer by Mustard on Ketchup NOMNOM

or you can list it on craigslist….

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12 thoughts on “Q&A: Where can I find someone to adopt my baby?”

  1. The best thing to do is give it to your godmother,parents or someone in the family 🙂
    but if that option dont work then take the baby to a foster home 🙁

    but i wish you the best and hope you and your baby find the best for both!

  2. Is there anyone in your extended family or the family of the baby’s father who can become this child’s guardian? That would be the best choice.

    If that isn’t possible, check the websites of local adoption agencies. They will have listings of parents who want to adopt. You’ll be able to read about them and see their pictures, and probably even talk to them in person or by phone. You can choose the baby’s adopters.

    I would warn you, though, to find an attorney of your own (not the agency’s attorney) who can explain the adoption laws to you clearly, before your baby is born. Your decision may or may not change once you hold the baby in your arms. DO NOT let anyone pressure you into signing your baby away before you’re released from the hospital. There is NO LAW that says how soon you have to sign, so take your time, and don’t do it until you’re sure. Some states give you a few weeks to change your mind after you sign, but some don’t. Know the laws, do your research, and don’t let anyone pressure you into anything you don’t feel right about.

  3. You can get financial assistance from the government. You can go on WIC. If the only reason you would put your child up is financial, then the solution is financial. If it was because you didn’t want to raise the baby, you would have found adoption help before 32 weeks.

    Money comes and goes… your bond with your baby isn’t supposed to.

  4. Hello ma’am,
    there are multiple ways to go about finding adoptive parents or an agency.
    you can go through your local child services or through your church or charities (IE Catholic Charities). Also you can google or look in the yellow pages.

    If your interested, my husband and I want to adopt a child. It will be legal and you will be compinsated. if you are interested and would like more information you can email me knponce@yahoo.com

    Hope all works out and you find the answers you need.
    Just ensure you do the best thing for you and your baby.

    have a great day.

  5. Hi, Living in the largest metropolitan area of your state, there are multiple agencies in your immediate area. If you decide to place your child for adoption, I would advise using a “non-profit agency”. There will literally be hundreds of prospective couples to chose from.

    Please, before you make any decisions, wait until after the birth of your daughter. Once you hold your child, you may not want to proceed with adoption.

    Both parents have to relinquish their parental rights and consent to the adoption. In Minnesota, once you sign adoption papers relinquishing your parental rights, you have 10 days where you can revoke the adoption (change your mind and take your child back).

    Do you have a family member who would be able to raise the child? This would allow you to have ongoing contact and give her the opportunity of growing up knowing you, her background and your families history. Wishing you and your daughter all the best !

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  7. As an adoptee I beg you to please do your best to keep your baby. Adoption is not a guarantee a child will have a good life. Financial issues can be temporary adoption is forever. If you love this baby do your best to keep it. People trolling Yahoo Q & A’s probably are not going to be the best choices for you. Reputable people go through adoption agencies. “Paying expenses” for you is the same as buying your child. We as adoptees are not interchangeable commodities and are tired of being treated as such.

  8. Hi, adoption is a big step to make so be sure it is what you want. But if you know you can not provide for your baby or life to crazy adoption would be the right thing. My husband and I are very much wanting to adopt we could provide a loving home and would be willing to talk with you more in regard to that. W are stable and live on a farm that has been in the family 100 yrs so we have a permeate home. My husband and I dated 8 yrs and have been married 8 yrs. We will tell you more if adoption is what you choose. Please email us at deedeekeeth@yahoo.com Thanks D

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