Promo Girls can really help to sell your product:

Are you looking for promo girls to endorse your product?

If you have a brand or a product to market then it really is worth considering using promo girls to generate consumer interest in your product.  We all know that it is all too difficult to market effectively in today’s troubled financial times and the key is to find some way to make your product or brand stand out from the rest.  One way that you can achieve this is by using promo girls.  They can really help to attract the attention of the public in a variety of ways.  Once the public start paying attention to your product, the sales will follow.

What can I expect from promo girls?

The use of promo girls can vary quite widely, depending upon your needs.  If you are a food or drinks company wanting to promote a new brand then they can be used to attract customers to sample your products.  If you are a different type of industry you may use these girls to hand out leaflets to attract the attention of passers by.  You may even use promo girls for hospitality purposes such as handing out food and drink refreshments or meeting and greeting people as they enter your domain.

Where is the best place to go to for promo girls?

Although there are a variety of agencies which can offer promo girls, there is one name which really stands out from the crowd.  Kalyko have a wealth of experience in promoting interest in all sectors of business and they really know the difference using promo girls can make to your marketing campaign.  They are not only fresh and innovative in their thinking, but they are completely professional in their approach as well.  When you go to them for promo girls, you will not only be receiving the best but you will also get the best advice for your campaign as well.  Why not give them a call today to discuss your requirements or, alternatively, visit their website at

At our lovely promo girls are perfect if you want to endorse a product or brand effectively and generate consumer interest. See your clientele expand significantly with our promotional girls!

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