Popular Asian Wedding Traditions

An Asian wedding is as colorful as the festivities this region is popular for. Asia is very respectful of its traditions and customs. And while there are many Western cultural influences already, during special occasions such as weddings, the people pay homage to the meaningful and colorful traditions of their nation. Here are some popular Asian wedding traditions that reflect the heritage of each country.

Japan Wedding celebrations in Japan are very much filled with veneration and wishes of blessing to the couple. Traditionally, as the bride and grooms families enter the ceremonial hall, they bring offerings of fruit, salt, and water for the couple. These are the items that they associate with wealth and good fortune. They also offer sake or rice water to the ceremony. The wedding color for the traditional Japanese ceremony is purple. The bride wears a purple dress or kimono and is also usually adorned with images of purple iris flowers.

China It is customary for the groom to give a whole roast pig to the brides family. This serves as a good engagement gift from the groom to the brides family. This is aside from the other gifts that the groom is expected to give to the bride and her family. The wedding color for the traditional Chinese wedding is red. This is the color that they associate with luck. The bright red gown of the bride is also usually adorned with images that depict good luck, fortune, and wealth. These symbols are golden phoenixes and peonies. Towards the end of the reception, firecrackers are being shot and are intended to drive away evil spirits that may harm the couple.

Philippines Called pamamanhikan, the groom-to-be with his family visits the home of the bride at least six months before the wedding to formally ask for the brides hand for marriage. This is the opportunity for both the bride and groom to discuss their plans for the future with their families, and the families in turn can give words of advice.

Korea On the night before the wedding, it is customary for the groom to journey to the house of his bride using a lantern. The use of the lantern is very prominent in Korean culture, and this journey of the groom is intended to glorify this Korean tradition through their union in marriage. The groom also brings with him a chest full of gifts for the bride and her family.

In some parts of the ceremony and reception, there are other traditions that are not just interesting but meaningful as well. These traditions are intended to bring nothing but good fortune for the couple. While there are changes or infusions of these traditions, the essence of the event remains the same. Weddings are not just unions of two people, but they are also ways for the bride and groom to pay homage to their family, to their country, and to their culture. Asian weddings are not just filled with fun and joy, but also with good wishes and respect.

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