List Of Most Reputable Model Agencies In UK

There are a big number of model agencies nowadays, however, not all of them are completely good or bad. Therefore, make sure you are careful in gathering appropriate information when searching for the best one that meets your need. Using the best UK model agencies will give you big shot as well as safety and secure. A simple example is the advanced money before signing contracts. All reputable agencies will not likely to ask for this money while the bad ones will.


It’s hard to say which are the best agencies but I will have a go, obviously it helps if you are with the agency first to find out fully. Here is the best I can find based on research and advertising.


This agency makes the claim to the biggest and most successful in Europe, with claims like this it should mean its one of the best to reach the standard it claims.

As with all reputable agencies it wont demand an up front payment to join and will be the one paying you if they take you on. Obviously as they are the best they have very high standards, therefore if you are taken on you will have done very well. If you are then used as their existing models are you may feature on some of the top magazines in the world and in some high profile advertising.


BMA MANAGEMENT is another one of the best UK model agencies. They supply all sorts of models for all sorts of assignments. As with a lot of agencies they deal with males and females, children through to adults. This can mean that more then one family member can register and that as the model grows older they can be with the same agency on different assignments. Having a job as a model for example may then lead to other things, perhaps some you haven’t considered before.


INDEPENDENT TALENT has a claim as one of the biggest UK companies because as well as modelling they also deal with acting, writing and all round programme making. Therefore registering with them could lead in to acting and presenting as well as modelling, in fact if not chosen you could be taken on to do something else. The company’s work ethic and quality of its members makes it well respected nationally and in deed world wide. You could start here with one job and then change jobs or take on others; this could expand your horizons.


STORM is an agency well respected due to the way it works as well as the models it supplies. They work hard to be professional and to make their models professional. They encourage them to be on time and to do work as required to the highest standards. Obviously the models are representing their agency as well as themselves. So to become one of the best UK model agencies it helps to have the top UK models on your books.


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