How Kids Contribute To A Happy Marriage

Most married couples like to have their own children someday. Some desire it sooner than others but most couples love to raise their own children. Couples who are not capable themselves to produce babies go for adoption just so they can raise a child. They feel that their family is not complete without children. Someone has to be the heirloom. They need a child so they have someone to be with when they grow old. Some couples like to have children because they genuinely love kids.

There is a new study that is released that says children actually do bring more happiness to the relationship. Of course everybody knows how hard it is to raise a child. You have to wake up during the wee hours of the night just to feed him or her and put the baby back to sleep. You have to take him to school, pay for the tuition and show him the right way to behave so your kid does not grow up to be an alcoholic, murderer, addict or social outcast. Despite all of these, couples still want to have kids to bring out more happiness in the marriage and to be able to complete their family and be fulfilled themselves.

Note that the happiness factor for couples when they have children is high up there when they are married. As for unmarried couples, the result is exactly the opposite. Unmarried couples tend to disagree more and have more friction with each other when they have children. Both individuals seem to be unprepared for the sudden big responsibility placed on their shoulder. In marriage, a baby is considered as a blessing. For unmarried couples, meanwhile, a baby is seen as a huge obstacle, a hurdle or a burden.

One of the main reasons for divorce is the inability to produce a child. For men, they get happier if they have three children and above. Husbands who have three children or more are more satisfied with their lives than those who only have two children or just one child. However, while men like to have more kids, it is the women who are happier raising the kids than their husbands. For men, it is a sense of fulfillment for them to have a lot of children. As for women, it is a sense of fulfillment for them to raise their child in the proper way.

Having a child is an easy matter, but raising it well and providing for it is a different story altogether. No matter how many children you and your spouse may produce, you have to take care of it and take care of its needs in order to avoid an unhappy marriage.
Physically raising your kids during the first few years are tough. They will be 100% dependent on you and your spouse so better be ready for it. After some time, when your children are growing up, you can experience a more relaxing atmosphere at home, especially when your kids start to go to school. Still, you need to be there for them so they are guided in school as well as at home. Nothing compares to the joy of seeing your kids succeed in life. So if you want a happier marriage, start thinking about having children.

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