Growing Up with Toddler Toys

Toddler toys should be designed very carefully. You will find that toys specifically targeted to the toddler age group are bright, colourful, multi-functional and encourage a range of different types of activities.

Many of us know, toddlers that are forced to do something they don’t want produce a grumpy toddler, which would explain why open-ended toys are also very common. There is no correct way or completion of a task so a toddler has the freedom to do what they please. The “one best way” style toys should be avoided as the toddler will soon get bored.

The natural behaviour seems to match the type of toddler toys on the market. For example, when a child becomes a toddler you will find they become increasingly interested and curious in their surroundings; touching, playing and fiddling with anything they can get their hands on.

Due to these characteristic of toddler behaviour, soft toys, building blocks and shape matching have all been created to use these characteristics constructively. Below is an example of some ideal toddler toys and their beneficial motive.
Musical toys – Introduces balance and harmony and helps stimulate growing creative minds. Recent research has shown that listening to classical music, such as Mozart shows a substantial improvement in brain development.
Puzzles, mazes and mind games – Help toddlers learn logic and reasoning and help to develop the principles needed to make rational decisions later in life.
Physical and durable toys – To improve children’s muscle control and fine motor skills. Toddler toys also need to withstand banging, biting and being thrown around, if they are not then they will not last long.

A toddler’s way of learning at this stage in their life is through play and this should never be underestimated. Learning through play at this age plays a crucial role in the child’s ability to develop in the future. Parents, carers guardians or whoever is looking after the child should go out of their way to provide a mind enriching playtime that will encourage children to embrace and explore their surroundings.

One tip when choosing a toddler toys is to try and differentiate the toy completely from other toys the toddler has. If you buy them a similar toy that they have been using since they were a baby or for example, another puzzle, the chid will quickly loose interest.

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