General Dental Care for Toddlers

Dental care for children is a different matter. While caring for a toddler’s teeth may seem unnecessary partly because their baby teeth will eventually be replaced with permanent teeth, the benefits that come with caring for a child’s teeth take fruit when they grow older. In addition to enhancing their smile, starting a healthy oral habit early increases the likelihood that the toddler will carry on this pattern well into adulthood.


Obviously, brushing and flossing is ideally started early in childhood. These prevent tooth decay, plaque, and periodontal diseases that may otherwise occur. This allows a child’s permanent teeth to develop properly and break out when they are supposed to. Therefore, the care and maintenance of a baby’s milk teeth should not be disregarded as there might be repercussions in the future.


Children around three years of age are generally advised to use toothpastes containing a fluoride level of at least 1000 parts per million (ppm).

One can usually find the level of fluoride contained in the toothpaste in the tube or package. From age three until adulthood, the child should use toothpaste that contains a fluoride level of 1300–1500ppm.


Parents should likewise supervise their children’s brushing. Only a small, pea–sized amount of toothpaste until about the age of seven should be used. Using a toothbrush designed for toddlers can also help. Consult your family dentist atlanta whether the toothbrush your child will be using is appropriate. This makes the brushing more fun for you and your child.

Children should be encouraged to brush at least three minutes, twice a day.


Even more important than simply brushing is the motion used while doing it. As your family dentist atlanta might suggest, a circular motion that makes contact with the tooth’s surface promotes the development of healthy teeth and gums. If you have problems making your child brush, you can make it into a game. For instance, you can put an egg timer in front or a stop clock while your child is brushing.


As your child becomes accustomed to the act of brushing, you child will eventually no longer need your assistance. However, it is best to supervise your child until he understands the whole process. Other things you can do to promote good dental care for your child is to regulate sugary and sweet food which often leads to cavities and plaque. Of course, visits to the family dentist atlanta at least twice a year are recommended.


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