Excellent Gifts For Newborn Babies

Parenting is exciting and never ending course. It is best to start good parenting practice from the baby is still in the womb. Say a hello world to the newborn babies with excellent gifts.
Here the some best gifts for infants:

1. A book about me
A Book About Me aims to provide your child with a record of their time in utero up to age 5. Your child will be fascinated about their history as they grow up, but will value this as essential reading when they are planning or expecting their own children. The hardback cover has screws allowing you to remove pages. This format allows the inclusion of extra pages that may suit some families but not others. These include A page for adoptive families to record their memories A page for families who used assisted conception to outline their journey A page to record mishaps and embarrassing moments A page to record the unique moments of an Australian childhood Pages to record wishes from family and friends A page to acknowledge the gift giver with space for a photo and special wishes.

2. Mini Mink
Mini Mink is perfect as a travel wrap, play rug, or fur throw. This is available in lush chocolate, warm honey and milk. This Faux fur with 100% cotton lining is fully machine washable.

3. Newborn Gift Set
Newborn gift set includes a suitcase containing newborn romper, alimrose squeaker, and skin care products. This suitcase filled with treats is perfect for newborn babies.

4. Mini MOnkey Baby Sling
The Minimonkey adjustable baby sling is a multi-purpose carrier to be used as a front carrier, on the hip and in the playpen! It is made of 100% cotton with a padded cushion on the shoulder and pa plastic clasp. The mini monkey sling design is based on the principle of One Size Fits All. The strap has a clasp that is used to adjust the sling to the person wearing the baby, so the Minimonkey sling can be used for tall, short, slim and sturdy builds.

5. Gimmo night light
The Gimmo mini night lights are rechargeable and portable, with a soft glow at night (up to 12 hours ), that changes colour. This is safe for children of all ages, and perfect for children going to the bathroom at night.

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