Ethnic dolls help girls identify them selves

Pose the question, ‘which was favorite your toy when growing up’ to a woman and the most likely response would be her doll.  A doll is by far the most cherished gift a girl could have as it takes up a large part of her playing time. It is usual to see her clothing it, placing it in mini pram and playing house with friends or by her self.

Dolls are featured in an array of various sizes and shapes however if you are of a nationality with dark skin then there is a huge challenge obtaining a doll that features your ethnicity. This is a crucial factor for kids who should be able to ascertain who they are and having ethnic dolls is a superb way to let them know this.

The current world we inhabit is a difficult place that has many social taboos and the most distinguished one is race. The people who feel it the most don’t form part of the majority group.

A good example is an African American girl who resides in a community whereby the majority of people are Caucasian. She is undoubtedly going be aware of her dissimilar appearance by how people behave towards her. Parents have to work on helping the children retain their self worth and the perfect way to approach the problem is implement changes right from the beginning.

Giving your child a doll that sports white skin, blue eyes and blond hair demonstrates to your child that they are distinctly different. In the eyes of a small girl they take on the mothering roll to their dolls and they would feel more comfortable dressing their dolls that have the about the same appearance as them selves.

Parents of different races would prefer that their little girls had various colored dolls so that they carry the heritage of both parents. This takes away some of the psychological tension that is prevalent in mixed children. This scenario is also pertinent to Caucasian adoptive parents who have an African child. It may seem irrelevant to worry about the self image of small children but it makes a drastic difference to enable a child to have a confident attitude when they look at them selves.

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