Baby Shower Parties – Ideas in Welcoming the Upcoming Baby

The birth of the baby is the happiest moment for the family and his/her arrival deserves a warm welcome from everyone. A baby shower is a great celebration where there is a party to welcome the upcoming baby and shower the expectant mom with lots of surprises. Once it was confirmed that there is an upcoming baby, a grand preparation to welcome him/her is by throwing a baby shower. This celebration can be either thrown before or after the newborn comes into the world. Usually, the organizer of this event is a friend or a family member of the mom-to-be. This has become a traditional event all over the world whenever there is an upcoming new member of the family.

Planning for a baby shower requires a lot of effort. It usually involves family members, friends and co-workers who brings complete excitement and lots of gifts both for the baby as well as mom-to-be.

Actually, there is no strict rule in planning such party. The hostess can be flexible and creative but it should be in accordance to the mom’s personal preferences, and keeping in mind the cultural and religious practice of the family. A baby shower often thrown two to three months before the due date of delivery, to provide convenience to the expectant mom.

To make the party a successful event, all plans should proceed accordingly. Usually, the plan starts by deciding the date, time and venue of the baby shower. Then, following are the theme, invitations, menu, games and party favors. Most of the time, baby showers are conducted during weekdays, either in the afternoon tea or luncheon as most guests are working and can only fin time during these days and times.
There is a lot of baby shower ideas to choose from.

With the advent of the Internet, almost everything needed in a baby shower can now be easily purchase. From the invitations, baby gifts, shower favors, decorations to everything are available online.

Today, it is very common in baby showers to have a specific theme. There is a lot of baby shower themes to choose from, popular themes are those that reflects the baby’s gender. There are also fun and creative themes such as jungle, fairytale, cartoons, sports and Disney themes. It is always good to decide a theme for the party not only because it creates an atmosphere but it basically tells almost everything about the party. Once a certain them has been decided, it will further help the hostess in choosing the venue, decoration, menu and favors.

A baby shower can be also a co-ed party where dad-to-be is also involved in the party. These days, baby showers are not only restricted for the first baby in the family, but it can also be thrown to expectant parents who will have their second or third child. It can be thrown for the adopted child as well. Above all, baby showers are thrown according to one main purpose and that is to shower the expectant parents with lots of helpful baby gifts, such as newborn clothing, diapers, baby blankets, baby bottles etc., thy could use in raising their child.

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