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The event may be a week earlier than the big day, but the preparations and arrangements to begin months in advance. The Mehdi, as we call it, or henna night is no easy task. An expert will be appointed for the task. It will begin in the morning and can last up to 4 hours to complete the job. After those two hours drying time, the bride must sit in one position for hours, and then walk around two other means with the hands in the air and needs to touch anything.
Once the henna on the hands and feet have somebody to feed the bride and help her in other matters. You may not even shake hands with someone who can be a real nightmare, but it is very pleasant, when Medhi is a tradition of Asia. It is not faith based – Muslims and Hindus, and almost every place on Asian religions Mehdi as brides.
Mehdi colors on the hands up to one week. Mehdi designs are very traditional. In some parts of India, Mehdi is so popular that it now has its own night. Many women gather and sing traditional songs Mehdi. This is a female only at night, and lots of dancing will take place.
Then there is the makeup for the bride. This can take up to three hours on the wedding day. The bride will be sitting for hours in one place without moving much. It can be painful, but it is an important part of the wedding, and no pain, no gain, as they say.
Make up artistrented or had a year in advance, and it could cost up to £ 500 per day. This could be about £ 100 in India and other parts of Asia.
Mehdi has its own theme, such as decor in line with mehdi colors. Rajasthani themes are the best because they are colorful. Food is usually made of chaat items, and this is the only female event. Most of the Asian women of Indian chaat loves food, as paanipure, bheal puri, chaat padadi, samosa, pakora, dahiwada, roti wrap, Saak pure, girl, green salad, lassi, and papad keer.

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