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The Advanced Asian is the method that I devised in order to become better with women, but what separates this book from the rest of the dating and seduction manuals out there is that it is especially targeted towards Asian men.
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I’m a guy who’s been in your situation. I’ve had the strict Asian parents that prevented me from going out with my friends to party and freaked out if they thought I was hanging out with girls (which was almost never, but they warned me anyways). I feel your pain and I know exactly how to combat it. I understand your deep inner demons that need to be exorcised. I’ve also been a guy who spent a whole year reading seduction and dating material without any real results, and I kept blaming it on the fact that I was Asian and no one wanted an Asian guy.

How wrong I was. A lot of girls wanted to date Asian guys. Just no girls wanted to date ME. I was now this guy that went from just being a little socially awkward to being absolutely creepy. I hope you guys don’t make the same mistakes and I don’t want you to have to go through the several years I did to become good with women.
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That’s why I developed this idea of an “Advanced Man”, a man who is completely in charge of his dating life. He is a leader amongst men, a confident alpha male, and a man who has his shit under control. This is the man that I am going to teach you to become. And I’m not going to just give you a couple chapters in a book and expect you to become this man. In my program I’ve included three sets of day-by-day missions (consisting of 30 days each) to mold you into an “Advanced Man.” This means you’re going to learn EXACTLY what it takes to become an Advanced Man and be in control of your dating life.

Take action NOW, because the sooner you become an “Advanced Man,” the sooner you’re going to reap the benefits. My system will make it easy for you.
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